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Treatment Services

Our treatment services are here to provide a sustainable and safe alternative of healing for you or your family member. Opiate addiction can be scary, life threatening and debilitating. We design our services in a way that facilitates the change you need to invite your life back. 

Whether it's medication assisted treatment or counseling, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Our treatment plan is centered around giving you the tools for a happy, healthy future. 

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

is a proven therapy for opiate addiction recovery. Not only does it provide patients with a healthy method for behavior modification, it is proven to foster positive, long term lifestyle changes.


Our licensed counselors are here to support you on your road to recovery. Whether it's one-on-one or group counseling,  we strive to create a caring environment that serves the needs of the individuals and families in our program. 


Medication Assisted Therapy is the recommended course of treatment for pregnant women dealing with opioid use disorders. MAT keeps mom and baby healthy by reducing risks associated with opiates and withdrawals while helping moms stick to their prenatal plans.

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Find out more about the other services offered at Lanier Treatment Center, including Counseling for Substance Use Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Assessments/Evaluations and Drug and Alcohol Screening. No matter what the need, we 

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